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Rental Management

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

Our passion is Property...

Residential Real Estate is the best tool to building financial freedom and a carefree retirement for most people, as it is tangible and although going through market cycles, it's not too volatile that one can loose everything in a flash, like many other investment mediums.

Property is a great investment tool, but definitely not "Passive Income":

You need to manage it on a day - day basis in order to reap the rewards.

Managing Member: Pieter Kotze

Our Story

Pieter Kotze started his Real Estate marketing career in 1990 in Pretoria where he traded as Pieter Kotze Properties for years. After moving to Cape Town he was in building construction and development for +-7 years. Building and selling and renting his own properties.

In 2003 he made the change back to Real Estate marketing and moved to Durbanville. Never looking back..

Operating again as Pieter Kotze Properties / Real Estate since 2012

Since then the rental portfolio grew from 80 units to over 400 units and growing strong thanks to good fortune, hard work and very dedicated personnel!

Rental Management

Looking after clients' Investments...

We offer a full service from sourcing a tenant to managing the rental, making sure the landlord receives his/her rental on time

Admin & Payments Department

  • Making sure rental is paid.
  • Following a process if not paid on time: Calls, Emails, whatsapp
  • 20 day Consumer Protection Act notice sent
  • Invoice tenants for water bills
  • Statements
  • Early Terminations

Maintenance Department: Full Service

Receives maintenance requests all hours of day and night from tenants

  • Co-ordinating maintenance required
  • Advise owners
  • Find the most cost effective solution to fix the problem
  • Paying contractors
  • Option to deduct from rental at no extra cost to landlords
  • Utilising top maintenance software
  • Once a year we can generate a report/statement for landlords reflecting all maintenance expenses incurred during the tax year

Inspections Department

  • Incoming inspections on APP with photos
  • Exit inspections on app with photos
  • Interim inspections optional
  • Deposits are dealt with in order to keep property in good condition.
  • Disputes with tenants handled without owners knowing about the drama!

Renewals Department

  • +-70% of our tenants renew their leases
  • We negotiate with tenants and owners in order to make sure the landlord receives the best rental possible, but doesn't loose a tenant.
  • Happy tenants renew leases
  • Paperwork done and sent to all parties to sign
  • Payprop and Redrabbit updated
  • Gate access renewed with complex management

Tenant Procurement Explained...

  • Compile a profile of the ideal tenant, fitting the property like a glove
  • Write adverts in order to attract the “perfect” tenant.
  • Take photos of the property as well as video with the necessary equipment we have acquired for professional looking photos and video.
  • Advertise on websites and portals like Property,, Gumtree, etc.
  • Use Property 24’s paid products to feature the property at the top of area search pages .Cost to us:+-R450 for 7 days. Mostly done twice per property to get it rented.
  • Reply to enquiries from prospective tenants: Include a pre-screening questionnaire
  • Arrange viewings for qualified prospects.
  • Host viewings. Many times up to 10 -15 viewings required to find a suitable tenant!
  • Obtain applications.
  • Screen applications: Do credit and ID checks (Cost to us +- R500 as we only accept the 3rd application on average), check bank statements, check pay slips, check employment, check affordability
  • Give feedback to all applicants and handle objections from unsuccessful applicants.
  • Draft lease agreement
  • Discuss clauses of lease agreement with the successful applicant
  • Send lease agreement and invoice for deposit to successful applicant.
  • Make sure lease is properly signed. Arrange gate access for tenant
  • Send lease to owner for signature
  • Open hard copy file as well as on PayProp and import info into RedRabbit Maintenance software.
  • Making sure unit is clean and ready for occupation.
  • Do incoming inspection on Red Rabbit App with photos and make sure tenant signed
  • Pay commission to Letting Agent for placing tenant successfully
  • File is signed off by Office Manager
  • COST CHARGED TO OWNER: Once off R1500+VAT (Only when linked with Rental Management)

Our Guarentee

To make sure your home or apartment is:

Rented in time

To a qualified, suitable tenant

At a market related rental