Rental Management

Rental Management Services

Rental Management Services include:

  • Advertising property to let and receiving applications

  • Do tenant screening as described below

  • Ensure the deposit plus 1 months’ rental are paid in advance by the tenant. We invest the deposit in a notice deposit account under our trust account, on behalf of the tenant.

  • Monthly rental income/expense statement emailed to all owners. Owners also notified each time when they received payments from us.

  • We ensure rental income is paid on time. Tenants receive an invoice from us as well as reminders to pay their rent on time. When payment is late, a notice is sent to tenant as well as calls/sms,etc. If payment is not received by the 5th, a 20 working day notice will be sent i.t.o the Consumer Protection Act. Credit bureau is notified of late payment. Who update the tenants’ credit score and notify tenant of his/her credit score being negatively affected by the late/non payment.

  • Detailed incoming inspection done

  • Bi-annual inspection with a detailed report sent to the owner.

  • When tenant vacates the property, an outgoing inspection is done with the administration/refund of the deposit with regards to defects/damages caused by tenants

  • Where tenants caused damage to a property, we will send maintenance team in to fix and deduct from tenant’s deposit.

  • Optional quarterly inspections at an additional R350 per inspection can be done.

  • Maintenance is co-ordinated, as necessary, during the period of lease. Owner always notified first.

  • Fee: Between 9% -10% +VAT. Depending on the rental amount.

Sourcing of a tenant

Tenants are screened on the following criteria:

  • Income
    We require that the monthly rental should not be more than 30-40% of the net earnings. An income/expenses schedule is completed by all prospective tenants in order to see if they can afford the rental. Bank statements are checked as well.
  • Credit record
    We require a clean credit record. No tenant will be considered with defaults or judgements against his/her name. We subscribe to the Tenant Profile Network. (TPN). Alerting us if a prospective tenant has been “flagged” by rental agents across South Africa for bad payment habits or if the tenant has defaulted in paying their rent. ITC, Experian and TPN credit bureaus are used for payment and default history checks.
  • Profile Check
    We ascertain whether the tenant is a good match for the property with regards to:
    • Pet Friendliness

    • Amount of occupants for the size of the property and whether it complies with the rules of the complex

    • Age group of tenants and neighbours and Owner preference

Advertising for tenants

We advertise on the following portals. Allowing your rental maximum exposure:





  • Neighbourhood Listings magazine (from time to time)

General Rental Management Services provided


We have maintenance teams on standby. Maintenance required is first quoted for and then approved by the owner before commencement of work, except where there is an emergency. In which case we will have the problem fixed and owner notified as soon as possible. (Burst geyser, no electricity, burst water pipe)

Landlord Protection Insurance: 

A product is offered which a large insurance company underwrites:The landlords’ rent is guaranteed for 6 months in the event that the tenant does not pay his/her rent. Worst case scenario even the cost of evicting a tenant is covered up to R120 000. Cost of insurance: 3.5% of the rental amount.

Our Experience

over 40 years of combined experience

The Team manages about 300 properties at the moment and growing. Registered with Estate Agents Affairs Board.  Pieter and Joretha Kotze have 23 years of rental management experience each!

We use the Pay Prop rental management system which is seen as the best in the industry.

Rental Team:

Tanya Welcome – Portfolio manager

Roelof Van Tonder – Executive Rental Consultant

Joretha Kotze – Maintenance Co-ordinator

Pieter Kotze – Operations manager

Our commitment to Landlords

Your property occupied. No Excuses.

We do our utmost to keep the property occupied – NO EXCUSES!

Our rental administration is handled by Durbanville Rentals, which is part of Pieter Kotze Properties.

For more information contact: 

Pieter Kotze 083 260 1932 / 021 975 5897 / 021 979 2228

Or visit our Contact Us page